Media Coverage

February 13:
Nanaimo News Bulletin: Exercise needs due follow up

February 6:
Vancouver Sun: Life on welfare: separating fact from fiction
Vancouver Sun: Hardships of welfare poverty harm children and families

February 4:
The Link: Brar ends welfare journey a little lighter in body weight but hopefully richer in insight

February 2:
Global BC TV: A month on welfare
January 31:
Vancouver Sun: Surrey MLA ends his month on welfare a changed man
CBC TV: MLA ends welfare month
Global BC: Rich man, poor man
Globe and Mail: Video: BC politician reflects on a month living on welfare
Globe and Mail: Photos: Jagrup Brar’s month of poverty
The Tyee: A tour of duty in BC’s poverty ‘war zone’
Vancouver Observer: Social security rates for BC poor slammed as MLA ends welfare month hungry, broke

January 30:
The Province: Jagrup Brar a changed man after being “on welfare”
Georgia Straight: BC poverty reduction plan could reduce costs, advocates say
24 Hours: Government action plan costs less than poverty, advocate says

January 25:
Cloverdale Reporter: Jagrup Brar is keeping it real
Georgia Straight: NDP MLA Jagrup Brar prepares to bring welfare lessons back to BC legislature

January 23:
Surrey North Delta Leader: Being Jagrup Brar
24 Hours: Parenting in poverty a tough road

January 22:
CBC TV: MLA’s funds dwindle on welfare challenge

January 20:
Indo-Canadian Voice: Jagrup Brar Welfare Challenge moves to Vancouver only $21.45 left in the kitty

January 19:
Vancouver Sun: Surrey MLA brings his welfare challenge to Vancouver

January 17:
Georgia Straight: NDP MLA Jagrup Brar moves to Downtown Eastside for welfare challenge
Global BC: Welfare challenge

January 16:
Surrey Now: Weary and broke, Surrey MLA Brar braces for live in Vancouver’s downtown eastside

January 12:
Surrey Now: Brar’s a real leader

January 11:
Vancouver Sun: MLA Welfare Challenge: Money, food likely to run out
Surrey North Delta Leader: Surrey MLA is running low on money 

January 10:
New Westminster News Leader: It’s time to focus on a national housing strategy

January 9:
Surrey North Delta Leader: Editorial: A Surrey MLA’s earnest bid to understand the plight of the poor
City TV: MLA on Welfare – Breakfast Television

January 6:
Vancouver Sun: MLA Brar says he shed tears trying to find affordable accommodation

January 5:
CTV BC: BC MLA fed up after five days on welfare rate

January 4:
Vancouver Sun: MLA finds making ends meet on welfare rate ‘eye-opening’
Globe and Mail: Crosscheck: How does BC’s welfare rate stack up?
Kamloops News: MLA’s time on welfare no picnic

January 3:
Metro: ‘One of the most emotional nights of my life’: Welfare challenge MLA

January 2:
Vancouver Sun: Surrey MLA Jagrup Brar takes vow of poverty for a month
The Province: Surrey MLA kicks off 30-day welfare challenge

January 1:
Global BC

CTV News (begins at 6:05)
News 1130: MLA begins month of living in poverty to raise awareness

December 29:
The Globe and Mail: MLA frets ahead of month-long welfare experiment
Georgia Straight: NDP MLA Jagrup Brar takes Raise the Rates poverty challenge

December 6:
Vancouver Sun: Brar welfare experiment just rhetoric, past suggests

December 1:
Surrey North Delta Leader: Surrey MLA to live on welfare next month
Surrey Now: MLA’s stint as poor man won’t offer real insight

November 29:
Metro: BC MLA to live on equivalent of welfare
Darpan Magazine: Jagrup Brar to live on welfare in hopes of raising poverty awareness

November 28:
The Globe and Mail: MLA accepts challenge to live on $610 stipend
24 Hours: MLA to experience welfare firsthand
Global BC: Welfare Challenge
Surrey Now: Surrey MLA Brar pledges to live on $610 a month
CBC News: BC MLA to live on $610 for one month
The Province: MLA Brar to live on $610 a month to target plight of BC’s low-income
News 1130: Surrey MLA to live on welfare for one month
CTV BC: BC MLA accepts challenge to live on welfare rate

3 thoughts on “Media Coverage

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  3. Advocacy is needed to deal with landlords that won’t treat fully and properly for pests such as bedbugs and rats, mold or won’t replace broken appliances, no heat or drafty windows and patio doors. There are no pro bono lawyers with knowledge of thehousing issues and the Residential Tenancy Act and the advocacy centres are so overloaded they can’t even return all the calls they get.

    If we could guarantee a minimum of $900 for rent, $150 for utilities/phone AND $200/person for food per month, a family just *might* be able to pull themselves out of poverty. Sure, a family would still have to pay out of their food money for rent because a 3br can not be found for less than $1200, but it’s better than what we have now.

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